Portrait of a Man

157_1 logoI decided this every single day shit was a little too much with a job and a half already. So, I am not going to worry too much about whether I get a shot every single day. I will just do as well as I can. I have been shooting at least every other day, which is way more than I started out with. So, yeah, not going to beat myself up about it too hard.

Day #3: Composition

Day #3: Composition

Faywood Hot Springs, Deming, NM

I love the way the shapes and colors here came out. This was one of the first ones I snapped. The only thing I don’t like is how blown out the sky is. I could probably darken it up in Photoshop a bit more…I shot in RAW, so there might be some other fixes I can come up with.

Day 2: Picture a Day Silhouettes

I love painting and photographing silhouettes- something about the clean lines really attracts my eye and interest. It’s tough to get a backlit exposure correct- and I usually end up doing manual focus if there’s something thin and delicate in the foreground like this scrollwork in our front door.

I liked both of these a lot, especially the second one because of the focus on the middle ground red leaves. Great lines and fun color.

DSC_0017logo DSC_0033logo