DSC_0049 webSpring has sprung, it’s fun to see the valley starting to green up. I should have had my aperture cranked way down here, so everything in the shot would have been in focus. Oh well, nice mountain view and I do love the split of the green and blue colors. I will probably go try this one again.

Road to Nowhere


I painted this scene back in college, with an eye superimposed over it crying (which may have been my eye). I know, corny, right? Every photographer in town has taken shots of these mountains, it’s impossible not to. They’re called the Organs, and they do look like an organ. I always imagine spleens.

Daily Photo: Where the River Went

Daily Photo: Where the River Went

I had to stick my camera through some chain-link to get this unobstructed view- this was after a long day of shooting most of the day and my battery was dying, but couldn’t pass up this tower in the afternoon light. The guy that painted this mural has painted all of the Las Cruces city water tanks.