“The Rat Who Didn’t Know He Was King” Available on Amazon

Well, we made it happen- the hardcover is going to take a bit but you can now order King Rat by clicking the link below to re-route to Amazon:


I’m pretty excited. My mom wants me to immediately have a signing at their volunteer library (in a town of 500) and I laughed a bit, then realized I better do it! Now I have to hustle, hustle, hustle to make it work and make it a source of some income. I have quite a bit of marketing and ad experience now, but always for other people. When it’s for yourself it’s much more interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.38.44 AM

It’s funny, I never considered self-publishing before, but from what everyone else is doing, it’s really the wave of the future. The whole industry has changed so much, with big companies less willing to put any money toward marketing and leaving it up to authors even WHEN they have a book deal. Because it’s expensive, and time-consuming, and they’re all about volume, just like Hollywood. It’s why, of course, all we have are re-runs. I want to do “Roads” the traditional way, if I can, but I imagine I’ll still need to do publicity myself. If it gets that far- which I plan on it doing. Again, a lot of work.

I’ve had some great inspiration from two of my family members who are self-published, successful authors- so thank you Sara C. Roethle and Susan Kalior. You’ve known how to make this work for a long time. Check out Sara’s site for fun YA fantasy and sci-fi, and Susan has some great self-help books.



“The Rat Who Didn’t Know He Was King” to be featured at the Tucson Festival of Books



King Rat will be a participant at the Spring 2017 Festival of Books on March 12! I’ll be in the Author’s Pavilion signing and selling copies from 12:15 to 2:15. I’ll add a post here as soon as Amazon has the paperback copies for sale. Working on the hardcover next – and a couple more merch ideas 😉