Everything here was written by me (unless otherwise noted), and is therefore copyrighted by me. Blogging seems to help me stay motivated, as if I had to perform for an audience, whether or not that audience actually exists. Feel free to comment, or not.

Mostly this has turned into working on a memoir about my family’s life as American “gypsies,” not ethnic and not Travelers but rather of circumstance. I also post things that make me think, beautiful things, places and people I like, photos I take and artwork I create. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t “borrow” or re-post anything of mine without asking me first. Thanks for visiting!

P. Alanna Roethle

What does the name of this site mean?

The name comes from the future title of my/my mother’s memoir…maybe the following will clarify:

Rrrrrmmmm…..rmmmmmmmm……..the little boy cruised his Hot Wheels car over the speckles on her arm, the soft curves of her breast and stomach. The front seat of the old white Chevy truck was cracked, and she shifted to avoid its unwelcome pinch. Outside, the sun beat down with its waving desert heat, forcing her squint to deepen. She was waiting, as usual, waiting for him. She gathered her son into her arms and kissed him on the cheek. He took his car and traced her forehead gently with its tiny plastic wheels, then drove it down the sides of her face. She held very still, smiling at him. “Momma,” he said, setting the car down and using his fingers to trace the growing lines at the corners of her eyes. “Momma, you have roads on your face.”

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All work copyright P. Alanna Roethle

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