Empty Churches


Just north of Tucson is the Aravaipa wilderness area, and on the way out along a dirt road is a beautiful, empty little church. I had to stop and take a look, always being drawn into places of worship…

Alien Burn


This has been my favorite actual burn of the man. The UFO structure beneath him burned forever and held its shape until the final roaring collapse. Pretty incredible. We watched at the very back of the crowd on top of an RV, away from the madness and the heat.

Day #3: Composition

Day #3: Composition

Faywood Hot Springs, Deming, NM

I love the way the shapes and colors here came out. This was one of the first ones I snapped. The only thing I don’t like is how blown out the sky is. I could probably darken it up in Photoshop a bit more…I shot in RAW, so there might be some other fixes I can come up with.