Published work

Children’s book:

“The Rat Who Didn’t Know He Was King”- purchase on Amazon: Click Here

On Matador:

“The top dive bars in Austin”


ginosko Literary Journal


Yankee Rose, published by Hellbound Books in Graveyard Girls


Dark Girls, published by Penguin Books in Oysters and Chocolate: Erotic Stories of Every Flavor


All for You, The Rumpus Readers Report,  July 2013

2 thoughts on “Published work”

  1. Your work is very compelling and gripping. I’m a writer, working on my memoir, new to blogging myself. It’s been a treat searching out and finding other serious writers. I’ll keep checking back.

    1. Thank you for visiting!! I will check your blog out as well – I agree, that’s been the one surprise for me about starting a blog. I really did it to keep me motivated, but I’ve made some connections that I truly appreciate.


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