They’re Here

DSC_0083_logo copyAnd they hang out in deserted northern New Mexico. These stickered signs are strewn along the highway outside Taos.

Crayon Skies

DSC_0073_logoNew Mexico has one thing going for it- amazing light. I know why so many artists have settled here, there is something special in the desert and the colors.

Day 1: Picture-a-Day Nyx and Her Bone

February 1

Here’s the start of a great year where I learn all of the technical stuff I’ve been too lazy to focus on. I finally came to the realization that you can have a great artistic eye, but you still have to be a bit of a nerd and learn all of the capabilities of your tools to be a good photographer. Same with painting- I have to slow down, read books, and practice. Here goes!

I took this in our living room. It was tough getting an exposure for the bright spot, my camera wanted to equalize the lights and darks. But, I only shoot manual because that’s the only way to learn!