Falling Light

DSC_0253 logoIt is pretty amazing how many photos it took before I figured out how to capture the lens flare AND keep the exposure light enough to see the leaves. I’d like to see it a little brighter still, but love the beautiful golden color + light. I’m a-lernin.

Chinese Shadow Painting in the Desert

BM2013_180 copy

Something about the layers of shadow drew me to our wall the other afternoon…the light was bouncing around from so many directions that it looks almost like a Chinese ink painting. I love this shot.

Road to Nowhere


I painted this scene back in college, with an eye superimposed over it crying (which may have been my eye). I know, corny, right? Every photographer in town has taken shots of these mountains, it’s impossible not to. They’re called the Organs, and they do look like an organ. I always imagine spleens.

Window to a Dirty Truth

DSC_0002logoOr roof. It’s the skylight in our house. It took me quite a few shots to get this right, I wanted a balance of total black in the shadows and enough clarity to see the texture of the wall. I got one flooded out shot that looks like the tunnel you are supposed to see when you die…I like this one, though, it’s got a depressing air about it, like being trapped in a mineshaft.