Anywhere, Smalltown USA

Truth or Consequences Main Street on a stormy summer evening. Everything was closed, the streets were empty. Perfect.

Author: AR

Writer, photographer, traveler, general life-liver.

10 thoughts on “Anywhere, Smalltown USA”

      1. The desert is amazingly silent/causing my own silence. I think I’ve passed through this little town. Have you been to Santa Rosa? It’s on the Route 66….
        you are fucking perfect as well. Nice to have you with me on my trip.

  1. That does make a magical feeling… Love the light. Was this taken with a Nikon, by chance?

    I spent a year in Hatch… about 75 miles south of there… did you go there? Now… or in the old days?

    1. What the heck were you doing in Hatch, Ted, eating chile?? I’m near there right now. A

      This was also just my little point and shoot- however, I have been taking shots with the new Nikon. Those will be coming up soon…

      1. I don’t think I was eating any chili. I was a baby, living in a prisoner of war camp… surrounded by Germans and Italians. My father was the camp commander.

        Your ‘little point and shoot’ did just fine.

      2. It was 1944 when I was there… I think it was across the street from the high school of all places. I have photos… and started a story and didn’t save it by mistake… some day I will do it. The POWs just wanted to wait till the war was over and go home… the didn’t try to escape because where would they go, and they were not treated badly… besides they heard all the farmers had shotguns.

        If you get to Hatch, go ask someone, I would be interested to hear what you find out. Although, most people who would know are probably not there anymore.
        My dad had the prisoners do work projects improving the town, and the farmers used their labor picking cotton. They were paid something.

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