Happy One Year of Blog Writing to Me!

Wow, a whole year working on this project! That’s a record for me, and it means there’s something here. I’ve started and let go of a couple of blogs, mostly because they didn’t feel right. I’m not a travel writer, I just love to travel. I only write erotica because it’s easy to publish. My heart wasn’t in those stories because this is the story I’m supposed to be writing now. Finally- it’s been getting in the way of my other projects for so long.

It’s as if we have to get our story out first, our real story, before we can write the made-up stories or the parts of our real stories that turn into fiction. It’s like a small insistent voice at the back of my mind that I was never quite ready to tackle. “Here I am,” it whispers. “Time to tell, time to tell.” Is it like that for you, other writers? Do you have to get things out before other things can start? I’m interested to hear from you.

I am finally ready.

OK OK here goes- the Liebster Blog Award


ImageOne of my blogging friends ( I have blogger friends?? What happened to my quiet little writing blog?) has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, which requires me to do some work. So, it has taken me a bit to get around to it.

Blogging has been terrific for my motivation, and it has surprisingly resulted in a number of connections that have the potential to be lasting. Pretty cool- sending words out to the universe and seeing who bites. Plus, I’ve reconnected with a few people from my past who have been following along on this little Road.

The Liebster Award is for bloggers who have 200 followers or less. Someone nominates you and asks some questions, for me it was whiskeytangofoxtrot4. 

She has a beautiful blog full of dreamy images of horses and children, still images full of light and mist. Check her out! OK, she asked me the following questions, which I will answer:

1-If you could for one day be the opposite sex, what would you do? I probably shouldn’t put it on my family-friendlyish blog…my mom reads it

2-What is your favourite book of all time? I have so many books that I see as friends…I can’t choose. But I love anything by Steinbeck or John Irving

3-What is the one thing you least love about yourself and the one thing you most love about yourself? I least love my lack of patience. I totally love my hot ass.

4-IF you won ALOT of money, how would you use it? You probably wouldn’t see me for a few years, wait, who am I kidding- you don’t see me anyway. I’d travel, travel, travel.

5-Sadly, b/c we all die….cremated, buried or burned? Your choice is….? Burn me baby. I think it was an Amy Tan book that I stole this idea from- I want 4 friends to take part of my ashes and take me 4 places I’ve never been. Any money from the insurance should go to the trips they’ll take me on…also, I kinda want a wake.


Then I ask my nominees the following questions:


1- What’s a childhood dream that you let go? Would you think about reviving it now?

2-If you could move to any country/place right now, where would it be? What’s holding you back?

3-Do you believe in true love, and why or why not?

4- What is success to you?

5- A habit you would like to change?

The way it works you ask? Some one nominates you and up to 10 others. There are a set of questions to answer, 5 to 10 random facts about yourself and then in turn ask your nominees. After that you nominate up 11 more Lieblings. I’m just going to nominate a couple here – those folks I find myself coming back to check out, though I’m not so much a blog reader. I have so little time! I have no idea how to see how many followers a blog has…so…I won’t worry about the followers.

Pivoine68 – Sexual romps, poetry, and photos…you never know what our little expat Dawn will come up with.

TedBook – A picture a day is worth tons of words!

ClotildaJamCracker– The wacky stories of a crazy lady