Happy One Year of Blog Writing to Me!

Wow, a whole year working on this project! That’s a record for me, and it means there’s something here. I’ve started and let go of a couple of blogs, mostly because they didn’t feel right. I’m not a travel writer, I just love to travel. I only write erotica because it’s easy to publish. My heart wasn’t in those stories because this is the story I’m supposed to be writing now. Finally- it’s been getting in the way of my other projects for so long.

It’s as if we have to get our story out first, our real story, before we can write the made-up stories or the parts of our real stories that turn into fiction. It’s like a small insistent voice at the back of my mind that I was never quite ready to tackle. “Here I am,” it whispers. “Time to tell, time to tell.” Is it like that for you, other writers? Do you have to get things out before other things can start? I’m interested to hear from you.

I am finally ready.

Author: AR

Writer, photographer, traveler, general life-liver.

11 thoughts on “Happy One Year of Blog Writing to Me!”

  1. Happy Blogging Birthday! I just keep on waiting for something to come out of me that seems worthy of….fame, fortune, paparazzi, having my clothing ripped to shreds by fans. Yuno, that kind of thing. I guess I do have some secrets that I still can’t write about that might hinder my progress, then again, not many. 🙂

    (I’ve been drinking so much wine today. My brain is hurting.)


    1. It’s the secrets that either make or break you….the writers that lie and later are found out and shunned…the ones that hide things and are ignored. The ones that let it all hang out there and make it- or the ones who tell too much and crash and burn. How do we know?? It must be fate. That or total chance. Hope that clears everything up…ha! I had too many beers at lunch.

      Love at the bottom of a glass,

  2. So, I’ve been reading ‘Lines’ for a year now? I was hooked on first sight. Congratulations of your Blog Birthday, and more so on your patience to write well. When you are ready, it will be some editing effort to get just right. The story is there, AR.

    1. Hey Ted- thanks for sticking with me for a whole year! It doesn’t feel like that long…but then it never does. The stories are there, and these blog posts are typed out in a single quick session and posted online so don’t judge my edited writing based on this stuff. 🙂 It will take me a lot of work to do justice to my mom, to not leave out the important things, to tell the truth to myself. Your support has helped make me get this far. Thank you, thank you.


      1. If the rough idea is any indication, we can all look forward to a wonderfully touching slice of life that most do not know exists. I for one, can’t wait.

      2. You said your mom does not like to get involved much, but I know she has to be very proud of you, and that is a testament to her own character.

    1. I think I need to focus on making a book happen. I got so discouraged by the last round of submit-reject, so many letters!! I know I have to keep at it, and that the story and timing need to be right. I feel like I’m slowly getting there.

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