Fog rolls in

Yes, I’m a bad blogger. But I’ve come to terms with it. All my creative energy has been spent doing drywall, house designing, and such things. I’ve found a real love for building and renovating, which is cool. I get a little writing done here and there, and have been doing some promotions for The Rat.


False Escape

Morning brings a land forgotten

Wraith dreams of a salt sea millennia gone

The two-lane road stretches into sacred fog

Obscuring the forsaken desert and hinting of a clandestine coastline

Water beads on the windshield, lungs gasp at the curveball damp

Road signs peer suspicious through clouds in a sky brought low.

Yellow arms of dead brush become beachweed bent over dunes

Vertigo, as we are transplanted miles away from here

Not on the way to work. Not the same as yesterday.

The very air incites tumult, change, transmutation

Until the door closes, and the day descends sword-like.