When Life is a Writer’s Block

Yeah, this isn’t a whiny post about why I haven’t been posting, or blah blah blah. Just an honest one- it will be a year tomorrow since my momma lost her happy ending. It put me off the story of us, of her, of me because it wasn’t the arc I had been writing, on to a generic upbeat ending about how life was better, about how we’re off the road now and mostly wish we were back on its endless curves, its excitement; where you don’t know what it means to be bored.

Life don’t work like that, kids, life is a shitty bastard that likes to kick you right in the guts when you are expecting sunshine and flowers. I won’t go into details, I’ll save that for the story that I’m back on track with now. It just took a year to realize that was the way it was, and there is more tragedy now. And I am a writer and that’s just another kind of story.

Author: AR

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7 thoughts on “When Life is a Writer’s Block”

  1. Hey, Alanna. I read every one of your posts, and they are just beautiful. I’m so sorry the happy ending didn’t work out. The curves on the road of life will come back your way at some point. I hope it’s sooner than you expect. Miss ya! Keep on writing. Can’t wait to read more. ❤ you!

    1. 🙂 I love that you are keeping tabs on me Big Brother. Kidding. Sista. We shall meet again- thank you for reading.


    1. Luckily she’s ok! But life sure has a way of twisting and turning in unexpected ways doesn’t it? That’s the one thing we get to count on in life.

      1. Well I guess I misunderstood… glad I did and Mom’s okay… still lots of stories to be told… and written about… and formulated and finally published. It’s the voice of little Penny that will tell it.

      2. I feel ya…that’s the writer’s struggle, right? Making it just a normal part of life. Keep on truckin’ Ted.

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