Nyx, Doggess of the Night

DSC_0345 logoMiss gorgeous loves to pose- I named both of my dogs after gods since it’s so easily transposed. Nyx is the little-known Greek goddess of the night…a fitting name I’d say. I used a great Photoshop action for her eyes (from thepioneerwoman.com), a few tweaks to the raw files, and there we go.

Author: AR

Writer, photographer, traveler, general life-liver.

4 thoughts on “Nyx, Doggess of the Night”

  1. Nyx…She was born of chaos and then bred with darkness. They produced a progeny of light and day. Imagine that. But I am sure you do know… Other wise why would a wise person name their sweet partner such a prescient name lest she knew?

    1. I do believe you are the first person to have any idea who Nyx was. Though I am not surprised, Mr. Ted. Well met indeed.

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