Apocalypse NOW

If you had an ant farm, and the ants started to cultivate a toxic fungus that began to threaten the existence of their environment, and they fought constantly with each other, and you caught them murdering their own pupae, what would you do? Would you torch that shit and start over? Because that’s what I would do.

As time ticks down to the next supposed apocalypse, I wonder as I think many of us do, if it would be so bad if we all were exterminated. We’re the only animal smart enough to shit where we eat. The only ones knowingly killing the very life that supports us. I think that makes us a parasite, a disease.

All I’ve been able to think about for the past few days has been that sick little piece of shit in Connecticut and all of the babies he slaughtered. Probably in a pathetic attempt to “feel” something, because, poor guy, he just couldn’t summon any feelings. So he shot his mom, nope, felt nothing, let’s see if he does when he kills the most innocent of the innocent. I see all their smiling faces in the endless news stories about the “senseless tragedy, the horror the horror!” and I wish someone had smothered him as a child when he started to show those psychopath tendencies. I also know that if I were the mother of such a child, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I can’t imagine what she went through, or what their home life might have been like. I do know the murderer should have been locked up somewhere, screw his rights and screw trying to make him better. A human that can’t feel is eventually going to want to do so. What lengths might he go to? I guess now we know.

I overhear voices all around me, what is this world coming to? How have things gotten so bad? I don’t think anything has changed since the beginning of time. We’re the same restless conniving animal that we always have been. Villages were burned, children slaughtered by assholes and “possessed” madmen but it wasn’t news spread ‘round the world. Herod slew all the firstborn, and sure the story was passed down but I doubt many have accurately imagined what that was like. It was an accepted part of life that horror and tragedy existed. And of course, we didn’t have the hive-mentality internet to speed our rubbernecking. I also wonder how many would-be murderers were brave enough to walk into a gathering in the Old West, when everyone was armed. If they got a few shots off I’d be surprised.

I’ve been watching with interest the rash of UFO sightings in the news, this time in national and local real news (if you can call Fox that) and not just on the crazy UFO fan-sites. What if they are finally ready to reveal themselves? Will society be stood on its head, religion washed away in the light of some fantastic revelation? Will we all finally know what our governments have been hiding for years? The possibilities fascinate me. Just imagine our lives changing in the blink of an eye as we finally realize the total sum of our immense arrogance. Right before we all get zapped!


Author: AR

Writer, photographer, traveler, general life-liver.

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