The streets of Bisbee- November 2012

All shot with a Nikon D3200

Author: AR

Writer, photographer, traveler, general life-liver.

8 thoughts on “The streets of Bisbee- November 2012”

  1. Nice to see that Nikon at work… Love the girl in the mirror. Some interesting shots of a place I’ve not seen or heard. I liked the ‘man waiting at the foot of the stairs’.

      1. No, I meant the guy at the bottom of the stairs. I knew he was waiting for you, and you snapped his pic. Oh, can I say snapped now that you have a fancy Nikon? that is exactly what I would have done.

      2. I belatedly “got it” – I usually see the comments without going back to the page they are posted on. You can totally say snapped now- that’s all it takes these days huh? I snap away knowing I won’t have to pay for more film or developing. A whole new world of artistic freedom- I wonder if it makes us more careless and less likely to spend time setting up shots. ( I know it does).

      3. In one sense you may be right, but I don’t think so. You do see what you want when you so to take the photo… and can take many more snaps, and find something you were not expecting. It can be two methods to take photos. And the freedom to take a lot more photos that you otherwise wouldn’t take is a plus. Always fun to see your pics…

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